Having a Child with Down Syndrome, Part LXXXIII: Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

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On the way back from visiting with my in-laws, we stopped on the road for a late lunch at a place with gluten free options (by the way, if you’re on the road and have a family member with Celiac disease, the Gluten Free Registry is a tremendous help). They were either short-staffed or someone in the kitchen was out in the weeds because our meal was taking a very long time to prepare. At one point, Alice was bored and kept trying to figure out how to get the attention of the people next to us. Rather than having to keep stopping her, which will just end with at least one of us angry, I heard that the music on the sound track had a good beat, so I turned to her and said, “hey Alice, let’s dance!” and we did some serious booth dancing – anything you can do with your arms and upper body with lots of White Man’s Overbite on my part.



Artist’s Conception of My “Dancing”

When the song wound down, I saw that some people across the restaurant spotted us and were quite entertained. They all gave us enthusiastic thumbs up, which Alice and I both returned.

So yeah, dance like nobody’s watching.

At least until you notice that someone’s watching.

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