Running the 2015 Falmouth Road Race

I’m doing it again. I’m training to run the Falmouth Road Race for the Massachusetts Down Syndrome Congress. This is my third time out. The last two times were absolutely tiring. I don’t expect this year to be too much different, except that I’m about 2 miles up on my total distance because I ran short distances through most of the winter.

This year’s first donor, Stacey, a friend of mine from high school asked, “what do I get?” My snappy response was, “a tax deduction!”

I’ve been noodling her simple question over and I have a better answer now. If you donate and I have the information to get it to you, I will record a video of Alice personally thanking you for your donation. You too can hear her lilting prosody and I’m sure you’ll get a smile.

Here’s a link to the donation page.

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