Happy Birthday/I’ve Never Liked Barbie

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This is my 12 year-old daughter, Alice on her birthday. She had a great day in school and came home with beads and excitement about her birthday dinner (gluten-free mac and cheese from a box – it’s what she asked for). We opened presents before dinner and Alice had a great time ripping into them.


See that look on her face? That’s her looking at her clothes, saying “Ooohhhhhhh! That’s so cuuuuute!”


One thing that I really liked was Alice taking the time to read every word on the card she got from her grandparents. Alice has truly started to understand the power of reading and reads just about everything she sees.


E has been worried about Alice’s transition into middle school and wants to step up her game in self-care, so a lot of the presents were very much self-care things. The big one was the giant Barbie head. Now, I don’t particularly like Barbie. Never had – unrealistic standards of beauty and all that. E thought that this would work well. Wow. The response from Alice as she unwrapped it was of a girl who has been fully indoctrinated by a marketing machine, “OHHH! BARBIE!” I couldn’t open the box fast enough for her. Seriously, Mattel, I couldn’t open the box – you made it quite the challenge. What were you thinking?


Alice played with the Barbie head for a solid 45 minutes and I had to tear her away to go put on pajamas. I don’t like Barbie, but Alice does and if it helps her learn to better take care of her hair and nails, then so be it.


Happy 12th birthday, Alice! It’s gone by so fast.

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday/I’ve Never Liked Barbie

  1. Eric

    You guys think of everything! Hey, isn’t that the same milk glass President Obama dunks his cookie into?

    Tell me more about this “marketing machine…”


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