An Open Letter To Apple Computer

To whom it may concern,

You’ve created an enormous opportunity with the iPad. You’ve made it possible for those with disabilities to have access to learning and information in a way that is natural and independent. At least you did. You see, there is a problem in your ecosystem. My daughter has Down syndrome and she had a stroke, so motor control is a challenge for her. There are apps that would be perfect for her, but in the span of 1 year of purchase, the apps that she is ready for now (which she wasn’t a year ago) no longer run on the version of iOS that came bundled with her iPad. Even if they had been available before, they aren’t now because you don’t make available previous versions, even if upgrades to the app were made just to keep up with the OS change.

Why not update? What could possibly be the harm in that?

Here’s the harm:


You, in your infinite wisdom, installed the Music app with no possible way to shut it off on the device. You also bundled with it Disney Princess Radio (note that I originally typed that as ‘bungled’ and maybe that’s a better word for it) and in one fell swoop, you took away her independence on the device. You made it so that she has to be watched every single minute or else she will inevitably turn on Disney Princess Radio¬†and she will completely perseverate on this. This is the exact opposite of independence and it strips our independence as well. You have no idea.

For better or for worse, I managed to dig into my router settings and block the following domains:


Then I also blocked TCP traffic on ports 42000-42999 and 8000-8999, because the domain neither alone seems to work. Unfortunately, because the app is still there, she will keep trying to access this and likely she will succeed after your next update wherein you change a port range for this.

For the love of dog, would you please refrain from putting in bungled applications without a means to shut them off on the device or to remove them? To not do so is a serious problem.

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