The MDSC Hockey Game

Today was the 10th annual hockey game/fund raiser done by the MDSC taking on the Boston Bruins Alumni. I went with Alice, we’ve been there for 7 of those games.


This is a really fantastic event. It’s great to see the retired players out on the ice getting a work out and having fun with the MDSC team. Before the game, there is a free skate and I enjoy going out with Alice for that. Usually, when I take Alice out to a local rink, we borrow a sled hockey sled with a push bar. I’ve tried (and failed) to teach Alice to skate. She gets terrified by the loss of control and once she’s fallen, it’s nigh impossible to get her back up. Eventually, I’d like her to be able to push herself on the sled, but it’s hard to do one-handed. For this event, we use a chair from┬áthe arena and that works great until the ice gets worn, then it’s tiring.

Alice looks forward to the event and really wanted to see Blades. We arrived early to have a sit-down lunch and Alice told me that “Blades is beautiful and lovely and he’s going to marry me.” Uh-huh. Nice use of adjectives, though.

We skated for about an hour and a half and Alice had a good time meeting the players. During the event, she invited no fewer than three of the players to our house for Thanksgiving dinner. I don’t expect them to show up, and it would probably set a poor precedent, but you gentlemen are of course welcome.


Alice and Frank Simonetti and me


Alice and Rick Middleton



Of particular note are Tom Songin (pictured above) who was an absolute sweetheart to Alice, and Alice clearly picked him as her new best friend.

Alice also got to hold Tom’s stick. And when I say Tom, I actually mean Patrice Bergeron, because he had clearly lifted it from him:


Also, Bob Sweeney (not pictured here), came up behind us and said, “Dad here’s looking a little tired, how about a couple of my boys take over?” and his sons (I assume) pushed Alice for a couple rounds before Alice wanted me back.

All in all a fun event.

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