Reasons To Run the Falmouth Road Race

Today, I finished my second Falmouth Road Race for the MDSC (or really any other charity, but the MDSC represents our family, so it’s natural that I represent them). As I said to my wife, “another project done that took 6 months”. To reflect on the experience, I thought I would give you 7 reasons, one for each of the miles in the race.

Where to about at the start?



Oh ha-ha, Steve, you are too funny. OK let’s try again.


  1. It’s good for you. I’m down 12 pounds since March, which is a funny because I’m also probably up an several pounds in muscle. Running is good for your heart, good for your legs (except for your knees), and good for your mind.


  1. You meet some wonderful people. This year, I met Dick Hoyt, who is half of Team Hoyt. We had a very nice conversation and he struck me a genuinely nice man. He has been a hero of mine since I read a Sports Illustrated column about him



  1. It’s a good example for your kids (and everyone else). My kids get to see me (and other runners) who are acting in a way to help a charity. That will stick with them for a long time.


Artist's rendition of me being a "good" example for my kids.

Artist’s rendition of me being a “good” example for my kids.



  1.  This race is just plain fun. There are a lot of people along the route who cheer you on, offer you high fives, play music for you, spray you with a hose. I made a point this time around to accept the high fives, wave to people, get sprayed, and cheer on my fellow runners.


  1. It helps the MDSC in numerous ways, including money (used to help other families who have members with Down syndrome), publicity, and awareness. The team’s runners this year raised over $42,000 for the MDSC. With your help and support, I raised over $3400 of that (THANK YOU!).



  1. It feels good; it feels right. The MDSC has given us a lot: education, information, taught us to be advocates. It feels good to be able to give back.


  1. Finally, it’s for my daughter. Of course. Maybe someday I’ll be strong enough to push her like Dick Hoyt. Someday.

14925282505_c73b340f05_kRest time now – my legs are tired.


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