Fatherhood Summed Up

Alice and I spent today at a Father’s Day event at Kimball Farm that was run by Mass D.A.D.S. This event is just about the right speed for Alice: bumper boats, animal event, lawn games, lunch, arcade. The timing works out very well for her. This is our second year going and I took a ton of pictures. In the span of a few minutes, Alice summed up exactly what parenthood has been for me:



One thing I’ve said jokingly¬†is that I’m my kids’ second favorite person in the universe; unfortunately, everyone else is tied for first. In the first picture she went from cuddling to “yeah, let’s get you out of the picture, dad.” Fatherhood has been tricky that way. Right now both kids, given a choice, will take mom over me. This is draining for E and alienating for me. Tough stuff because both of us love our kids very deeply.

Alice got enough tickets on the redemption games to earn a stuffed animal. She chose an alligator and named him ‘smelly alligator’, which I think is hilarious. I think she chose the alligator because at the animal event, she got to touch an alligator. At home she said that he was the ‘ugliest alligator’. I don’t think we’ve heard her use a superlative like that – awesome.

On the downside of things, I’ve injured my right knee. Not sure what it is yet – it’s on the medial side and the pain shows up mostly when I pivot. I think I’ll take a week off training and maybe try a knee band/brace to see if that helps.


Here’s one last picture of Alice’s eyes – I really like them and the light really brought out the variety of color.


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