What a Difference a Week Makes

I don’t know what happened in the past week, but a bunch of things came on line for Alice, cognitively. Saturday didn’t start auspiciously – Alice had used up all her earned TV time the evening before and she had gotten a hold of my Kindle and ordered a digital copy of Frozen and started watching it. I had no idea that my Kindle could do that. Good one. We did the shopping and Alice did a terrific job, including asking the fishmonger for “calamari tubes”. She did a great job listening and doing her shopping and Alice has added a new trick to her social repertoire: she reads names off name tags and addresses the employees by name in a very sing-song tone of voice, “oh hi Bob!”

She had a ballet recital that afternoon and did a fantastic job:

14320191912_0829aa4041_oJust look at that – her feet are in the right position as are her arms! And this was not isolated. Although she was a somewhat late sometimes, she was hitting most of the moves. I took many blind shots so as not to ruin the view for other parents from the camera’s LCD, and she was right on!

They gave out flowers and there were more than a few people calling out her name when she got hers.

We turned right around and drove to Boston with E and her brother to go to her first major league baseball game.


Alice started off yelling “Go Red Sox!” Then she started yelling “Go catcher!” After each batter, she was looking up behind us at the scoreboard and reading the position of the next player and cheered them on by position. This is fantastic use of pragmatics and literacy! Wow!

We did some shopping today and made a stop to pick up some more sidewalk chalk and while we headed to the section, Alice was saying “Just chalk and not coloring books. Just chalk and not paint. Just chalk not…” I was afraid she was going to list the entire inventory of Michael’s. Yikes. At the checkout she introduced herself to the cashier “Hi my name is Alice and this is my daddy. He’s special.” Was she buttering me up, do you think?

We had our occasional lunch date at Taco Bell and after we finished eating, Alice heard Firework by Katy Perry and Alice was turning real life into a musical by starting to sing out in the restaurant. Torn between being a wet blanket and encouraging music, I just hushed her while she was singing.


So real life wasn’t too much like Glee…


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