School Meeting

Alice’s school does a weekly Friday morning meeting. At each meeting, they have a rotating presentation done by each class. Like I mentioned earlier, we’d heard that Alice’s class was presenting and that Alice would have a special part in it. I didn’t know that she had the introductory speaking part. What a nice surprise. It brought tears to my eyes – especially all the applause after her turn.

Even nicer was that while I was waiting in the lobby, I saw Alice pass with her class and I overheard a conversation between two other parents who I didn’t know. What I heard was, “…oh that’s Alice. She’s in the regular[?] class with [mumble].” “Yes, I know.” “[mumble] and she’s really sweet.”

Here’s my reaction to this (as an inclusion advocate) – kudos to both parents for knowing Alice; kudos to the second parent for being completely blasé about it; there’s more work to do if there is anything but a regular class; pat on the back to E and I for helping raise a sweet child.


They went on to sing “Let It Go”, but YouTube’s robots won’t let me post that. This is probably a reasonable case of Fair Use, but I’m not in a mood to fight that today.

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