Let It Go


Disney is a machine and sometimes it seems like Alice has been completely swept up into the meshing gears. Alice loves musicals and since Frozen is a Disney Princess movieĀ and a musical, it is powerful mojo. Also, I hear that Alice’s class is doing a performance of Let It Go this coming Thursday and that Alice has a special part in it. Imagine my surprise when I was playing Olaf’s Summertime song at dinner and it cut into Let It Go and Alice got up and started doing choreographed moves. Huh. Interesting. I took out my phone and shot this video. This was a nice surprise at the end of an exhausting day that started at 3:30AM with me catching Alice sneaking downstairs (no doubt to try to watch Frozen). Enjoy.

1 thought on “Let It Go

  1. Helen Gierke

    Awesome. That song touches every female on some level, and I’m not ashamed to say me, too! You go, Alice! I’d love to see that school program.


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