Fundraising for the MDSC

Part of the responsibility of signing up to run a race for charity is raising funds – something I’m not particularly good at. This is odd because I tend to be very quick to help others, but I have a hard time asking for money for charities I represent.  I thought I’d try something different this year. In addition to hitting work and social media, I also decided to contact my state and federal representatives.  Why not? I’ve asked for help from Representative Peter Kocot, Congressman Jim McGovern, Governor Deval Patrick and what the heck, Michelle Obama (by the by, Google’s URL shortener staled out the link I sent to Mrs. Obama – I’m ashast – Mrs. Obama, if you find your way here, here is a different shortened link: which points to the original, here).

I asked each of these people for a small amount: $20.  That’s it.  I don’t honestly expect anything, but if I did I would be tickled and I will praise them publicly. Here is your opportunity to show that you respond better than my representatives. Please donate. $20. It I got that from half the people who are in my friend list on facebook, I’d be past my goal. Make that happen.

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