Here’s What You Get From Being Considerate

Alice  and I have been doing a lot of shopping at Big Y. If you have read this blog recently, you know that the staff at Big Y has been very patient and accommodating with Alice. This is great and I like to make sure that the management in the store knows it. I made a point of passing on just how good things are to the company management.

027Alice’s shopping list has grown to 10 items and you can see that there are a few challenging words. She had no problems reading the list and as usual Alice did a wonderful job. She knew where the items all were and needed only basic support and few redirections to get it done.

I was a crafty parent today because I knew that Big Y had a surprise waiting for Alice today. Earlier in the week, Betti Boggis contacted me directly and asked for a head shot of Alice for a gift they were going to give her.  I made sure that we did the shopping first so that Alice wouldn’t be distracted by the surprise. And what a surprise it was.

028 029Raanan and Jeanne gave Alice some balloons, some fun pencils, and a real Big Y employee ID with Alice’s picture.

034Alice was so happy!



While we waited in the checkout line, Alice was giggling and making squee noises and showing her new ID badge to anyone she could. It was a fantastic experience.



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