Valentine’s Day

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Not every day has been great recently with Alice. In this blog I focus on the successes and the achievements. It helps to think positively. Alice has had a few “accidents” which I suspect were “on purposes” and she has been especially pokey doing self-care for school even though she is perfectly capable of it. A few mornings, I’ve found that she has crawled back into bed and shut off the lights. Something like that is very easy to deal with in a positive parenting way if you have time, but that is not an option when you have to also get her into snow pants and boots and get to the school bus stop.


Alice has also had a really stuffy nose and was exhausted by dinner time. That’s when E remembered that she needed to do her valentines for school. So the trick is to decide ahead of time what do I think she can do that will succeed and what can we work on for her. So tonight is was fine motor and reading.  I took the valentines and went over the “FROM” labels with a yellow highlighter and then had her write her name 27 times. I carefully counted off the seconds to myself as she did each one – between 15 and 25 seconds each.  Good – this is realistic.

I wrote the names of her students, but had her read them to me and every third one I asked her to spell for me.

15 minutes well-spent.

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