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Prosody is the rhythm and musicality of speech.  It’s a fascinating feature of human communication and more pronounced in some languages (especially tonal ones) than others.  There is always concern about Alice’s speech.  She mispronounces all the time – sometimes mechanically (e.g., she lacks the muscle tone to make a particular sound accurately) or structurally (swapping in one phoneme for another).  Prosody can be an issue with some people with Down syndrome (it is particularly an issue with people who are on the Autism Spectrum), but let me tell you it is not an issue with Alice.

While her singing is decidedly off-key, her speech can be remarkably consistent.  When she greets me in the morning, she sings a song.  It’s struck me so much, that I transcribed it:



And that is a simple thing that brings me great joy.

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