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As a code to this, tonight at bedtime, Stuart insisted that he wanted to read “My Sister Alicia May“, which is a storybook by Nancy Ling Tupper about a girl who has a sibling with Down syndrome describing her sister and their relationship.  Stuart sees himself in the role of Rae-rae, the older sister and told me as much: “Dad, I’m just like Rae-rae, except I’m younger than Alice instead of older.”

At bedtime, Stuart said, “Dad, I want to read Alicia Mae because I’ll probably live longer than Alice and I want to make sure I remember her.”  There’s a big helping of sentiment in there. We had a lawn party yesterday with a bunch of Stuart’s friends and E and I noticed that Alice was being excluded and was starting to act out a little bit, so since some of the kids were inside, we put on The Princess and the Frog and E made a point of letting Stuart know that he shouldn’t change it to something else since it was for Alice since she wasn’t playing with any friends.  I think Stuart took that to heart.

So we read through the book.  Stuart likes reading the spoken parts.  He wanted a prayer to protect him from bad dreams and then he drifted off to sleep.


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