Having a Child With Down Syndrome, Part LXXI: Go Stuart

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Last year, Alice was involved in a number of summer programs.  There’s one in particular that stood out for her, so much so that she has been asking to go there on nearly a daily basis, and if you averaged it out, it is more than a daily basis.  This particular camp is offering a program that is perfect for Alice developmentally and is in her interests.  Of course we signed up ASAP.  This afternoon we got a call in which we were told that this was the most popular session and that it wouldn’t be cost effective  to have Alice there considering all the problems she had last year.

There are so many things wrong with this on so many levels.  It was given in the sweetest tone which completely masked the message: we don’t want your daughter here – because they couldn’t say that, but they said that.  And since it was a phone call, there’s no documentation.  E is very upset about this and I’m pretty disgusted and we spent a lot of time talking about this today.

Stuart could easily see that E pretty unhappy.  She was crying and Stuart gave her a hug and said, “Don’t worry mom.  I’ll always be here for you.”

Later at dinner, we were discussing it more and just to make sure he understood, we quizzed Stuart and he recounted what was going on accurately.  We praised him and he insisted that he would always stand up for Alice.  Oh, good boy!

Who is this group?  That’s a surprise.

Right now we’re planning on sending them back a note that sums up the conversation and give them every opportunity to do the right thing.  If they do, they get praise, and if they don’t, I’ve got a 6-year old who is ready to take them on.

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  1. Andrew

    Way to go Stuart. I’ve spent my life fighting for the under dog. There is nothing like being on the side of angels to lift your spirits. Keep us posted.


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