Having a Child with Down Syndrome, Part XLII: How to be Welcoming

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 Alice has her thing.  It’s ballet.  It’s a wonderful thing.  Stuart’s thing, if he has one, is hockey.  He did a “learn to skate” program last year and this year he joined a hockey team.  His skating has improved tremendously and he has been enjoying the games.  I’ve been taking him to the learn to skate program as well so he can improve skating backwards and learn cross-overs.  The LTS program planned a holiday skate party, so I checked to see if we could use one of the hockey sleds for her, which we did:

Stuart took a brief turn pushing her so I could get a picture in.

We finished up and had some snacks.  We were approached by one the head coach/organizer of the LTS program who checked to see if Alice had a good time.  He spoke to me and said that if I was welcome to bring Alice to LTS any time and I could push her in the sled.  I thanked him and let him know that if she didn’t have any conflicts, we would do that.  Not long after, one of the organizers also told me the same thing with another piece of information – I would need to register her for the LTS program and that there would be no cost.

Way to go Fitzpatrick Arena!  This is a terrific way to be welcoming to us and ratchets you up in my eyes.

and having Santa there?  That’s just the cherry on top.

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