Carving Pumkins

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Alice's Pumpkin

When we started out doing pumpkins for Hallowe’en, we started easy: poster paints and pumpkins.  Yes, the pumpkins ended up looking like a work by Jackson Pollock, but they were decorated.  This year and last year, we’ve done carving and here’s how I’ve made it happen.  You will need:

  • Pumpkins
  • Dark crayon
  • Large spoon
  • Sabre saw or a rotary/spiral cutter or a Dremel tool or a sharp serrated knife like a steak knife

Draw a line for the cut-out on top with the crayon.  Have your child draw the face with crayon.  You will cut out the top with the saw.  I want to say that there are pumpkin carving kits, but they’re not worth it.  Instead, I like using the power tools for cutting.  Why?  They go through the pumpkin without getting caught like knives and make pretty quick work of the job.  I have a sabre saw.  To get a cut started, you can push the blade right through the pumpkin.  A Dremel tool will work with the right blade, but most of the blades are better for carving rather than cutting.

Once the top is off, if your child can do all the scraping, go for it.  Alice isn’t really there, so I scraped the goo down to the bottom then gave Alice the spoon to clean it out.  She loved that and did it deftly.  Then I cut out the face, but left the pieces in place and had her taken them out.  Then I gave her a paper towel to clean up the outside of the pumpkin.  She was very happy with this level of involvement.  Both kids really like saying, “ewwwww!” while pulling out goo.

Jacks O'Lantern

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  1. Nina

    The pumpkins look fantastic! You guys and gals did a great job! Glad to see that no storm will stop the Halloween fun.


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