Achievement Unlocked: Sewed a Dress

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Day 27 of 31 for 21.

Alice decided that she wanted to be Princess Merida this year for Hallowe’en. Did I mention that she likes princesses? I did? Good.


About a month ago, we went through a fabric store looking at patterns and material and I came home with an armload of fabric and notions and a pattern (pro-tip: inventory the sewing machine needles first) and began altering the pattern.  Have I mentioned that people with Down syndrome can be unusually proportioned?  I did?  Good.

It was an unusual experience.  Evie helped me get the pattern right for the bodice and after that, everything more or less fell into place.  There were some interesting hitches.  I measured her arms twice and the sleeves still went well past her fingers.  So I chalked the new line onto the sleeves (off by three inches!) and rehemmed them and now they fit perfectly until she moved around, then they were two inches too short.  Oh well.

Alice as Merida

I could nitpick forever, but honestly Alice was just so happy to put on the wimple and the dress.  We went to a party and she liked telling people that she was Merida.

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