Having a Child with Down Syndrome, Part XXXVII: More Sibling Issues

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Day 25 of 31 for 21.
Sharing a Drink

“Dad,” Stuart started while I was bringing him home this week, “the next time I lose an eyelash, I’m going to wish that Alice doesn’t have that thing.”  “Which thing is that, Stuart?” “You know, that thing that she has.” “Which one?” “You know – her stroke and her Down syndrome.  The next time I have an eyelash come out, I’m going to wish that she never had her stroke and didn’t have Down syndrome.”

I probed a little bit and asked him how Alice would be different if he made that wish. “Well, dad, she’d be able to run and play tag with me and play other games.”

Several things stood out to me.  First, he’s a very deep thinker (which I knew).  Second, he led with the stroke and not Down syndrome.  Third, he feels very lonely in terms of his friends.  I worry about that, but am confident that he will develop deeper friendships over time.

Stuart, we love Alice no matter what, just like we love you and Alice loves you too.  Keep thinking the deep thoughts.

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