Sneaky Physical Therapy

One of the things that makes physical therapy easier is to disguise it as something that your child wanted to do anyway.  Alice loves people and she loves to take pictures of people.  She had a camera that broke, so I replaced it with a very cheap Sony Bloggie.  It doesn’t have a lot to it.  I wish it had a “tap to take” shutter, but Alice copes with it well.  My trick was to put a simple tripod on the camera so she would be forced to hold onto it with her right hand.

Her right hand is the one affected by the stroke and we have to push her constantly to use it and to grab things with it.  Enter the camera:

Just look at that hand!  She’s wrapping all the fingers around the leg, wrapping her thumb and holding her wrist straight to support the camera.  This is more than she usually does with that hand and she’s working it perfectly, as you can see here:


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