Having a Child with Down Syndrome, Part CXXXV: Literacy and Love Notes

One of the things that I enjoy about Alice is that she writes me notes when she’s emotional. Putting your feelings into words is a great way to temper your emotions and to communicate them to someone else. Alice does this without prompting. I put them some of them aside to save for later.

Here are a couple of examples.

The words are “Dear daddy [unknown] now cook food by Alice”. She wrote this on a day that we had cooked together and she enjoyed that and (I assume) wanted to ensure that we were going to do that more. Yay!

Not everything is positive like that, but I can still see the bright side of the situation.

It says, “Daddy by[e] no TV yes TV Alice”

This happened at a point when we were on vacation and Alice wanted to spend time in the hotel just watching little kid stuff on TV, hogging it from everyone else. I imposed appropriate sharing protocols and she was not happy with that and wrote me a note.

Circumstances notwithstanding, this is a fantastic implementation of literacy. Alice felt so strongly that she decided to take the time and effort to write me a note. This is the power of literacy at work and trust me when I say that I like this far better than what Alice has been doing recently, which is yelling at me to make sure I understand how she feels.

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