Having a Child with Down Syndrome, Part CXXXIII: More ComicCon

Alice and I have gone to two comic cons together last year. Today we went to another, this time ConnectiCon in Hartford. This was nice because the drive wasn’t too long. Alice and I decided that we were going to go as Captain America and Peggy Carter. Alice loves dressing up and so do I. Last time we were both Harley Quinn. This time, I decided to commit more to the CosPlay and colored my hair and got colored lenses to match Chris Evans better.

In the process, I discovered that one skill I don’t have is putting in contact lenses. Fortunately, E helped out and put them in for me. She also did a great job on Alice’s makeup and hair.

Like before, the trip involved a certain amount of preparation. We talked about how to ask people for pictures, how to handle when someone asks you for a picture, etc. When Alice goes somewhere, she likes to make it all about food, so we had discussions about that and that (it’s about comics and costumes) and that we were going to do a lot of walking.

In getting ready, Alice burst one of the seams in her skirt–a minor crisis–but while E put on her makeup, I made a quick run to the sewing machine and patched it up. One thing different this time around was that in the past, I’ve worn a backpack. This time Alice wore a purse and we put snacks, seltzer, and a few other things in there for her to carry.


We headed out and we talked over all those points again. We got there a little early. The parking was easy and the line to get in wasn’t too long.

From there, everything was pretty smooth. We attended some sessions, walked floor, and took a lot of pictures.

I loved this costume – the details aren’t visible from here, but her costume was a Tard-IT, a mashup between a Tardis and It. Nice.

There were a lot of people in costume, which was nice. We also saw a number of different takes on Captain America and the Captain America universe, so of course we took pictures.

I don’t know about this Loki dude, though. He seemed kind of shifty.

There were also some really funny things that happened. Alice liked a Deadpool statue that we saw and decided to pose just like it. Why? I don’t know. Still funny.

It was nice getting compliments on our costumes and the people wanted to take a picture of Alice. There was one woman, for example, who said that she “collected Peggy Carters” and wanted to get a picture of Alice.

Once again, it was a terrific day. I tried to make sure that Alice had a fair amount of agency in making decisions for what we were going to do. At the end of a very long day, Alice was flagging and I suggested that we go home. “No! No dad!” At this point, I could have asserted, but instead I turned it around and asked her what she wanted to do at this point. She said she wanted to look at more people in costumes, so that’s what we did and then she suggested going home.

We had a nice trip home cutting up over songs on the radio.

And because things like this don’t happen in isolation, I want to thank people who helped me decide to pursue this with Alice:

CosplayParents – this is a wonderful couple who do fantastic cosplay. I love their work. Follow their twitter account – it’s worth it.

Adam Savage – always an inspiration for making things and cosplays that are huge in scale.

A woman at Boston Comic Con last year who ran a panel on inclusive cosplay – she said simply, “if you have a pulse, you can cosplay”

Chris Evans – thanks for creating a character that’s fun to do. One of my favorite things about being this character is to call men “son” and to call other Captains America “cap”.

And of course, E who has been incredibly supportive of this.

5 thoughts on “Having a Child with Down Syndrome, Part CXXXIII: More ComicCon

  1. Helen Pluciennik

    WoW—-Stephen and E. You are both the best. Of course, Alice is the really the
    best best. She so totally “lucked out” with both of you as parents.

    Are you coming to Falmouth this year?

    Both Douglas and I “wilt” in this heat and humidity.

    Please let us know where and when we might be able to “meet up.”

    Helen Pluciennik

  2. George Hawley

    What a great Dad! Alice is looking more grown up every time we see a photo of her.
    Great costumes!

  3. Nicole Lerette

    Hello! I was the USO girl! Loved you guys, thank you so much for taking a picture with me♡ My friend sent me this arrival and I just had to reach out to you guys! I’m so happy Alice likes to dress up. It’s so much fun! Her makeup was so nice too. Loving how you both went all out! You’re a great dad and she’s such an awesome kid! I’m gonna go read your other arrivals now!

  4. W. Dal Bush

    That’s fantastic! It’s great to see Alice having so much fun at the convention. And nice work on the costumes! She’s a dead-on Peggy, the true hero of the Captain America franchise.


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