Having a Child with Down Syndrome, Part CXXVII: Contrition

Alice makes lots of mistakes. Who doesn’t? Alice is fairly quick to apologize, but her apologies are hollow because they rarely inform her future behavior. This is frustrating for everyone. Inevitably, she gets into some else’s belongings, gets handed a punishment and Alice apologizes, but we know that she is just going to do it again because it’s her.

Not too long ago, Alice got into something of E’s. I honestly don’t remember what, but it wasn’t hers and therefore not OK. Alice and I had a discussion about it and she seemed to understand that she was going to be in trouble when mom found out, so she grabbed a notebook and some pencils and got to work:

She was, in the moment, honestly sorry for what she did and wanted to make things right. She made a card and put in a lot of effort in the messaging and the penmanship. Did it help? Ehh? Probably not, but as a parent I like to see that she did all this on her own.

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