Running the 2017 Falmouth Road Race

I’m doing it again. Two years after last time. Yes, it took me two years to recover. But let’s step back and give some background.

To start with, I’m a terrible runner. Absolutely awful. My run is a slow jog at best, but it’s an exercise that I really love. The Falmouth Road Race is a big race – it attracts close to 14,000 runners, with special preference given to eilte runners as well as locals. There is little chance that I could ordinarily get a slot in this race, except for fund raising.

We’ve been involved in the Massachusetts Down Syndrome Congress from very early on in Alice’s life. They are an organization that has shaped the way that we look at Alice and at all people with disabilities, not just Down syndrome. So when they offer me a slot in this race, I always think very carefully about it.

How can I convince people of the importance of this organization? How can I communicate the importance of the MDSC’s goals? How can I prepare my aging, broken-down self for this race?

Now, more than ever, is the time to be active and to support the MDSC. The current political climate is contentious, to say the least, with people in key positions in the administration who appear to want to dismantle the infrastructure that has been built that helps all people with disabilities. Kids with disabilities will get a smaller piece of a shrinking pie. The MDSC works at the state and national levels to help advocate for people with Down syndrome for education, employment, advocacy, housing, and so on. It is a Herculean task.

And that is one big reason why I’m doing this.

And for my health. I started thinking about the 2017 race last September, when I started going out more regularly and got myself up to a nice easy 5K range in the winter. Since then, I’ve been working on a training plan that adds more time per week as well as one day of “fast” intervals. I’ve been stepping up my time successfully and Friday did a 70 minute run. By August, I should be able to run at my slow, easy pace for far more than is needed for Falmouth. In theory. Two years ago it was brutally hot and humid. I expect the same this year. Still, I love the race. It’s a gorgeous route that goes past a light house and hugs the ocean for much of the route. Plus, my family will be waiting at just past the 3 mile mark to cheer me on. Always a bonus.

My fundraising page is here. Please donate.

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