This is not a writing post. This is just a picture post. My daughter is 14 which is hard to believe (said every parent ever). Alice was born on March 20th, the day before World Down Syndrome Day. Why is March 21st World Down syndrome day? Because it is 3/21 which is a shorthand for Trisomy 21, the more formal name for Down syndrome.

This is Alice opening a gift – see her using two hands? Gifts are great for that.

We opted for 1 candle instead of the 14 candle fire hazard. I’d intended to get those large number candles, but they didn’t make it onto my shopping list. So instead, I printed out a nice 14, cut it out and used it as a stencil with cocoa.

Alice requested vanilla cake with vanilla ice cream. It is, of course, gluten free and I knocked together a quick vanilla buttercream frosting.

How can you not be happy on  your birthday?

E knitted¬†Alice a nice shrug and she’s wearing a bracelet that her brother made her.

Happy birthday Alice, and happy World Down Syndrome Day.

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