Having a Child with Down Syndrome, Part CXIII: Alice is Busy

Both Alice and I had Nutcracker, this fall into the winter. Alice also in two programs through Whole Children. The first is a drama program and the second is Joyful Chorus. The latter is directed by Nancy Janoson, who I know from Florence Community Band. For the past several years, the Community Band has had a holiday concert with the Joyful Chorus. I have not been able to participate the last 3 years because Nutcracker is scheduled on that same weekend. Alice only had 1 ballet show to do. I had 6, so she got to go to the concert.

Alice has great fun with the group and Nancy has the patience of a saint. When I’ve seen her working with the group, it’s clear that she sees the kids for what they can or could do and not for what they can’t and that is magnificent.

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