Having a Child with Down Syndrome, Part CVIII: Even Even More Physical Therapy

The best kind of physical therapy, as I have said before and before and before is the kind the masquerades as something you really want to do, but are in the process are forced to use muscles that you ¬†might not normally want to use because it’s work. So when it makes sense, we try to sneak as much of it as we can into Alice’s life. Her right side is the stroke affected side and Alice hates to use her right hand. So we do things like put her napkin in her right hand which makes her use it and helps her keep her face clean on her own. Independence.


I put broccoli on Alice’s shopping list today and I pulled a plastic bag for her and gave it to her and walked away. Have you ever tried to open one of those bad boys one handed? It’s a pain. Alice did it on her own. She held the bag and put in broccoli and was¬†very quick to remind me that she needed a tie for the bag. I gave the bag a spin and put it in her gimpy hand and put a tie in her right and pulled out my phone to take the picture above. There you go. Two hand independence with a modicum of scaffolding. Sneaky physical therapy.

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