Well, This Has Been Interesting

I had to have a tooth pulled on Friday. Can’t say I enjoyed the process or the aftermath, but I do like the periodontist. In trying to figure out the timeline for getting this done, I had to explain about Alice and that she was in the Nutcracker, which meant that I’m in the Nutcracker. Fortunately, my dancing is not particularly athletic and they want me to take things easy. But in explaining it, I showed him a picture and said that she has Down syndrome. His response, “She does?! Congratulations!” I mention this because this is exactly the response you should have.


I was supposed to be silent for 3 days, which with two kids has been challenging. We all learned ASL, but as it turns out, the order of people who remember the most sign language in our family are:

  1. Me
  2. Alice/Evie (it’s close)
  3. Stuart

And there was certainly a gap between 1 and 2, which just made everything frustrating for everyone. I kept notepad apps handy on my phone and tablet and a pen and a stack of note cards. I had to do some shopping so I carried around a card that already had “Can’t talk; oral surgery” written on it. That just makes things easier, but the social experiment aspect is hilarious. There was the pharmacist who treated me like I was deaf and used more gestures and fewer words. Several people talked quieter. Others didn’t change how they treated me.

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