Down Syndrome Awareness Month 2016 – Day 18 – Sickness


This is a sick girl. I know it doesn’t fully look like it, but she is. About 10 minutes later, she puked up her entire dinner onto her plate. It has progressed like a rocket and she went to went with a nasty, croupy cough.

Ah croup. This has been an issue with her since she was teeny tiny and we’ve had to make countless trips to the emergency room for albuterol. One of those trips involved me calling 911 to get the ER ready for her when I came in as her lips and finger tips were getting blue and I wanted no delays on the way in. The croup was interfering with her sleeping, but it wasn’t bad enough to go in, mostly because we preemptively treat her with mucinex and we run a humidifier in her room. That seems to at least stave off the worst of the symptoms. Oh right, and we had her tonsils and adenoids out, which makes more room in her throat. Still, croup. Poor Alice.

And this is not uncommon with Down syndrome. Plus they tend to haveĀ have tiny ear canals which means that when they’re sick the ear canalsĀ don’t easily drain and then they get infected.


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