Down Syndrome Awareness Month 2016 – Day 17 – Teeth

One of the early books I read on raising a child with Down syndrome had a chapter about various health aspects concomitant to Down syndrome. One stood out to me, “Teeth: may come in late or in unusual order.” This was absolutely the case for Alice. In fact at one point when she was close to 3 she had an x-ray taken of her neck to check alignment. When the doctor put it up, I asked him to keep it up for a sec while I looked it over. I was counting teeth because we hadn’t seen any yet.


Coincidentally, as we were finishing up dinner, Alice exclaimed, “ow, ow, OW!” and pulled out a tooth. A baby tooth, the second lower premolar. I had a sigh of relief because I still have both of my baby tooth second lower premolars, a fact of which my dentists is content to remind me every six months. Go figure.

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