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Down Syndrome Awareness Month 2016 – Day 6 – Planning for Independence

The panacea for people with Down syndrome is independence. I don't know that Alice will end up being independent, but independence is not a binary thing. The jury is out on where Alice will fall in that gray area. So as parents, we do a lot of things to encourage or force independence. I'm really happy that I don't have to help Alice dress (except for the rare time that she gets tangled up in her bra, and don't we all have experience with that?). Here's a simple thing that solves several problems in one fell swoop: plan and post your menu.


I used to use a pad of paper with a magnetic backing, but I found a magnetic sheet that with water soluble "chalk" markers can be cleaned and reused. What this does is prevents the endless "what are we having for dinner?" whining. The answer is posted. Alice refers to the menu frequently and she does it completely on her own, and that is the very definition of independence and literacy.


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  1. Wish I was eating at your house!

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