Forewarned is Forearmed

After last week, when Alice successfully ate two lunches (one of them mine), I decided that I would take some preventative measures.

First, let’s talk about yesterday. Sunday morning, Alice got up around 6:00 and decided to make herself breakfast. ¬†She went into the kitchen, grabbed an as yet unopened bag of Trader Joe’s Gluten Free Bread and took it down to the basement and turned on the TV to watch The Princess and The Frog (again), and to chow down.

E came down and was going to make her breakfast – French toast, but she couldn’t find the GF bread. I told her that I had set a bag on the counter next to the fridge the day before. No sign. I verified then grabbed another bag from the freezer and I spotted that the empty bag was on the floor in front of Alice. She ate the entire loaf. 7 servings and 240 calories per serving results in nearly an entire day worth of calories. Then she wanted breakfast. She had the gall to ask for breakfast on top of that.

Oh hell to the no.

So this morning, when I packed my own lunch, I left a note:


You know, just in case.

In the car on the way down, I asked Alice how many lunches she was going to eat today.


And when we put the lunches in the fridge, I pointed out that was her lunch and this was mine.

“Whose lunch are you going to eat?”


“That’s right.”

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