Having a Child with Down Syndrome, Part CII: School Cooking Projects

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Alice had a unit on Africa in Social Studies. As part of that project, she had to find a recipe for a dish from South Africa and make it for class. II got a heads up from Alice’s SPED teacher letting us know well in advance (which was much appreciated). In looking around, I picked a recipe for Chakalaka¬†which I simplified somewhat and laid it out in biggish type and simple steps.

For most of the recipe, I acted as a human food processor and Alice read the instructions. Of course, I wouldn’t miss a chance for sneaky physical therapy, now would I?



Look at that right hand! Curled around the handle like a champ!

Chakalaka is a very basic vegetable curry and was easy to do. It was nice to have an oasis of good listening from Alice since recently she has been engaging in maladaptive behaviors that are well beneath both her age and capability level.

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