I Get That Feeling, Alice. Every. Single. Day.

Not too long ago, I would euphemistically refer to Alice as “The World’s Happiest Alarm Clock”. Alice used to wake us up around 4:40 each day because she was awake so we should be too. Inevitably, she would end up conking out on the school bus on the way to school, in school, or on the bus on the way home. We didn’t get that luxury. Things got better with fiveĀ things we’ve done:

  1. Had her adenoids removed (enlarged tonsils and adenoids cause sleep apnea in more than half of people with Down syndrome)
  2. Had a sleep study so she could get a CPAP
  3. Installed black out blinds in her room
  4. Give her melatonin before bed
  5. Ensure that her bedtime is as consistent as possible

Nowadays, I get up around 5:30 and then get Alice up at 6:00. And in a fitting turn of events, I need to get her out of bed. I’ve found that I can manipulate her out of bed by telling her that I’m waiting for my morning hug as Alice goes through her morning boot-up sequence.

Yesterday, she got downstairs and pretended to sleep on the breakfast bar.


Pretended. Every now and again I saw her crack an eye to see if I was paying attention, but she more or less committed to the role. It ended once I plunked an egg and some toast in front of her.

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