Having a Child with Down Syndrome, Part C: Even More Sneaky Physical Therapy

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Wow, 100 in this series. I never thought I would have this much to say, but then again every day is a new day that brings challenges both old and new.

As I’ve mentioned before, Alice perseverates. It’s not just a subject like vacations or camp. A couple months ago, she got a cut on her right arm, one the side just below the shoulder. Alice picked at that scab like you wouldn’t believe. So I took a cue from the The Miracle Worker. Every time I spotted Alice without a band aid, I put another one on. I had to start rotating the angle because her skin got sore from tearing them off.


And one day, I noticed that Alice had put a band aid on herself. This shouldn’t have been a surprise. I had bought a bulk box that matches no skin tone on the planet. We also had a collection of “cartoon” band aids in the kid’s bathroom. Alice doesn’t like the generic ones, she likes the shiny ones. So when I spotted her wearing one, I knew that I had just won. She had to get the band aid out of its wrapper and peel of the backing on her own before applying it.

Yes. Self care and physical/occupational therapy. The best kind of PT and OT is the sneaky kind. It’s the kind that the kid wants to do on their own. The kind that takes no nagging and reminders.

And finally that cut it healing.


1 thought on “Having a Child with Down Syndrome, Part C: Even More Sneaky Physical Therapy

  1. Kim Amy

    I love this post, you are so right repetition and you’ve got a gal who knows where to find the bandaids, get them, apply them when needed! So awesome. I love sneaky OT!


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