Not Too Much To Say Today

Alice has been, well, Alice this past week. This means a great deal of perseveration and not an apparent amount of listening. Oh well.

A woman in our neighborhood was having a “gender reveal” party this weekend. For Alice, the magic word ‘party’ meant that we heard about it at least 5 times a day for the entire week. That wears thin pretty quickly. I had the honor of keeping the secret of the gender of the baby until the party. Take it how you will, this is the second time that I’ve been asked to do this task. People apparently trust me to keep secrets. Maybe it’s because I don’t find it particularly difficult.

Still, in spiite of the perseveration on the party, there was a nice highlight. Alice wore a pretty dress earlier in the week and I decided to take advantage of the morning light and take a few pictures before the school bus arrived to pick her up.

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I don’t always like being faced with the inevitability of her growing up combined with skill deficits, but I couldn’t help but smile at the overall package.


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