Some Miscellany

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For the past week, I was away for a company conference. Of course I brought home goodies for the kids. One of the things I brought home was a little stuffed monkey, which I inferred from our customers is very sought after. I gave one to Alice:


Here you can see Alice in her new Gryffindor t-shirt, holding her Xamarin monkey. I asked Alice if she named her monkey. Of course she had named her monkey.

“What did you name it, Alice?”


“You named your monkey ‘Boyfriend’?”



Getting back in the swing of things, Alice and I went out shopping today and after she was done, she decorated her list:


Two smiley faces and a “Great Job”. That’s the mark of a young woman who takes pride in her work. And the fine motor control on the two tiny smiley faces was not lost on me at all.

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