Having a Child With Down Syndrome, Part XCV: Band Wrap Up

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Band for Alice was an experiment. We had her signed up and sought out a special instrument and then in the fall were told that she couldn’t take band because it didn’t fit in her schedule. We horse traded and managed to get 1/2 a year of band in exchange for losing 1/2 a year of physical education. It’s not an ideal exchange, but that’s what makes it a compromise.

In speaking with her band director when I ran into her at a store, she told me that Alice had asked to conduct one day and the band director, to her credit, said sure. I was told that she did a wonderful job. I did not know that she had shot video of it.

A couple things to note:

  • she starts off the group perfectly
  • she cues the trumpets at the right time
  • she cuts off at the end
  • her peers applaud for her

The last is the part that I’m especially happy about. As I’ve mentioned in the past, she is with a great group of kids who honestly like her for who she is and that is something that will continue to lift her up in the future.

She didn’t really progress on the instrument, but I think she got a lot out of the class and I think the video is pretty clear on that point. If you’re looking for a reason as to why inclusion is important, it’s right here: everyone benefits from inclusion done well.

2 thoughts on “Having a Child With Down Syndrome, Part XCV: Band Wrap Up

  1. Jen ML

    I struggle sometimes to make inclusion work well for everyone and I appreciate your constant reminders that it is attainable. Thanks, Steve.


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