Sometimes You Can’t Help But Be Grumpy

Alice has been off her game the last two days. She’s been kind of irritable and not listening well (for example, we made cookies yesterday after school and she turned on the mixer when I directed her to wait please). As a parent, you can’t help but be grumpy when you see behaviors that are well beneath the best or even the typical for your child.

Then there are the moments like this morning when I called Alice for breakfast:

Me: Alice, breakfast!

Alice: Breakfast ti-i-i-i-i-ime! (woot, woot, woot!)

Me: Did you say, ‘woot, woot, woot’?

Alice: Yup.

And I couldn’t help but be vicariously joyful. It stinks sometimes to be a jaded adult that I don’t see the joy in an over-easy egg and a piece of toast.

Then again, Alice cured that joy with a good solid shot of “I’m going to play in my room and not get dressed in a timely manner.”

Some days it’s this clip from Parenthood. It really is.

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