Down Syndrome and Text Books

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Alice has two copies of text books, one for home and one for school. This is a good thing. Some of the texts are as weighty as my college calculus text book, which covered 2 semesters. Now, modern text books are different now than they were, partly due to changes in printing technologies and partly due to a desire to make the books look more appealing to the kids, which is a good reason for the general population, but not so good for Alice.


Well, take a look at this span of pages:


Visually, this is a very busy set of pages and that’s a problem if your main way of learning is visual. We know that Alice is a very visual person and is easily distracted by things and that is an issue with this book. So in helping her read, it’s important to cover up a lot of the page and let her concentrate on the words instead of the visual chaff. Being adaptable in the moment is a skill that we cultivate.

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