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Down Syndrome Awareness Month 2016 – Day 29 – Technology

We live in a tremendous age for people with Down syndrome and a lot of that has to do with the ease of access to adaptive technology.

Alice has an iPad that she uses daily. A lot of the time she’s goofing around, but she also uses the educational applications, some in  sync with school, some of our own.


Here is Alice practicing some spelling while we waited for her brother who was in a class. This was a fantastic way for her to use the down time and she is able to do it independently, which is a big, big, deal.

Down Syndrome Awareness Month 2016 – Day 25 – Gifts

“Daddy! I have a gift for you!”

I hear this a lot. When Alice says it, she usually has one hand behind her back, hiding something. On most days it’s a school announcement – you know PTO meeting, magazine drive, that kind of thing. The other day, she gave me this:

img_20160914_183247961“Daddy! I have a gift for you! It’s money!”

Well, not quite. I found out that in the SPED classroom, they use funny money to practice buying things and getting change. Alice lifted a fake $20 and handed it over to me. Weird.

Down Syndrome Awareness Month 2016 – Day 23 – Cooperation

It can be challenging to work with Alice when the circumstances are 2:1 (kids:adults). Alice needs more attention and at times demands more attention, whether or not she needs it.

img_20161023_165930827Alice was having some difficulty being constructive outside with E and Stuart, so she was sent inside. Instead of making things boring for her, I pulled out an emergency box of gluten-free chocolate chip cookie mix which we did together. Alice did a good job with the disher, scooping up the dough and putting it on the cookie sheets. I don’t always have a co-op plan in my back pocket, ready to go, but as plans go this is not a bad one.

Down Syndrome Awareness Month 2016 – Day 18 – Sickness


This is a sick girl. I know it doesn’t fully look like it, but she is. About 10 minutes later, she puked up her entire dinner onto her plate. It has progressed like a rocket and she went to went with a nasty, croupy cough.

Ah croup. This has been an issue with her since she was teeny tiny and we’ve had to make countless trips to the emergency room for albuterol. One of those trips involved me calling 911 to get the ER ready for her when I came in as her lips and finger tips were getting blue and I wanted no delays on the way in. The croup was interfering with her sleeping, but it wasn’t bad enough to go in, mostly because we preemptively treat her with mucinex and we run a humidifier in her room. That seems to at least stave off the worst of the symptoms. Oh right, and we had her tonsils and adenoids out, which makes more room in her throat. Still, croup. Poor Alice.

And this is not uncommon with Down syndrome. Plus they tend to have have tiny ear canals which means that when they’re sick the ear canals don’t easily drain and then they get infected.


Down Syndrome Awareness Month 2016 – Day 17 – Teeth

One of the early books I read on raising a child with Down syndrome had a chapter about various health aspects concomitant to Down syndrome. One stood out to me, “Teeth: may come in late or in unusual order.” This was absolutely the case for Alice. In fact at one point when she was close to 3 she had an x-ray taken of her neck to check alignment. When the doctor put it up, I asked him to keep it up for a sec while I looked it over. I was counting teeth because we hadn’t seen any yet.


Coincidentally, as we were finishing up dinner, Alice exclaimed, “ow, ow, OW!” and pulled out a tooth. A baby tooth, the second lower premolar. I had a sigh of relief because I still have both of my baby tooth second lower premolars, a fact of which my dentists is content to remind me every six months. Go figure.

Down Syndrome Awareness Month 2016 – Day 16 – Did I Say ‘Sweet’?

After dinner, when Alice was reminded of how awful I feel (I really am not enjoying this cold, most everything I did had to come with planned rest breaks), she got into a serious “I love you, man” kind of mode. Very sweet, but it came right on the heels of our nightly conversation about how she needs to take a shower because she’s a teenager. Win some, lose some.


Down Syndrome Awareness Month – Day 15 – Sweet


Alice can be pretty ornery with me. A lot of it is that, well, I’m her parent and I often have to be a wet blanket so she’s not too happy about the corrections. I’m under the weather tonight and conked out early. Before bed, Alice checked in with me. She gave me a kiss on the cheek then took on a look of serious expertise. “Daddy.” “Yes, Alice.” “You need rest, fresh air and a drink.” “Good idea, Alice.”

Down Syndrome Awareness Month 2016 – Day 14 – Oh She Has Personality

Low muscle tone is part and parcel with Down syndrome. One thing that you might notice is a blank look on the face of someone who has Down syndrome. That’s the low muscle tone at play. Alice has those moments too, but let me tell you that she is just a big bag of personality.

img_20160528_190206258And I think this picture shows that pretty well. Today I met her when she got off her bus and most times she says, “Daddy? Where’s mommy?” Today, I earned a “Daddy! You my man!” I don’t know exactly what I did to earn that, but I take what I can get.