I’m Old, Part LXXXIII: Liberating Restriction

While working on Acrobat 2.0, I remember having a conversation with Gordon Dow about Lego kits. He said that he preferred the simpler bricks as he enjoyed the liberating restriction of having to work with all rectangular pieces. I love that phrase because of it’s inherent contradiction and because it is apt to many things.

For example, I took a CS class at Oberlin in Automata Theory taught by Rhys Price Jones. Rhys covered a generalized state machine and gave us as assignment to implement code to generate the state machine code from a text description of the state machine. He wanted us to work in Scheme and narrowly defined the scope of the assignment that each state must itself be a process, where a process was really just a lambda expression that handled the input and picked another lambda expression to continue on.

At that point, Scheme was seriously on my shit list for languages at the time and I really didn’t want to implement this assignment in Scheme. I pressed about doing it in C and that each state could be a function since really, each of those lambda expressions were functions too. Rhys said no, they had to be be processes.


I still did the program in C. The top level C program read the machine description and for each state transition, wrote another C program. The main() of that program read a character from stdin, did a switch on it and forked a new process running the next program, piping in stdin and stdout. After all the state transition programs were written, the top level program compiled each in turn.

It took some juggling and debugging, but I made it work. And the whole process was fun for me. I speculate probably more fun than the rest of the class who were dutifully working in Scheme. I’m not saying that they weren’t enjoying the assignment, just that they weren’t giggling at the absurdity of the process.

And at this point in my career, I’m writing code that does static analysis on other code and writes more code in two different languages that can call across to each other, so I guess that was a nice little bit of prep for that.

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