I’m Old, Part LXXXII: Making Friends

At Atalasoft, we frequently tapped into local colleges for filling paid internships and we ended up hiring a fair percentage of those students once they had finished their degree. One of our first interns was Sean McKenna who came to us from UMass Amherst. At the time he was brought on, the company was barely single digits and crammed into an office in an old mill building in Northampton.

One day, we were having a conversation about beer pong and other drinking games. I discovered from Sean that at UMass, they called it ‘Beirut’ instead of beer pong. Sean and Dave Cilley started getting into a friendly argument over the point of drinking games in general and beer pong specifically. At one point, Sean said, “Beirut isn’t about drinking; it’s about making friends.” Dave immediate retorted deadpan, “I don’t need friends.” He immediately put the argument to bed. All of us doubled over in laughter except Dave who walked away.

This event entered into our collective lore and would come up every year or so.

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