I’m Old, Part III: More Unusual Resources at Hand

At the time that I was at Adobe, they had some pretty fantastic Holiday parties. I really liked going to these because it was an excuse for me to pull out formal wear. Having a musical bent, I make sure that I always have several sets of formal wear ready to go. I’ve played trumpet at a number of weddings (mostly co-workers) and there are expectations that male musicians in the church should wear a monkey suit. I’m OK with that as I’ve always held that I look good in formal wear.

Honestly, I don’t have a great deal of vanity, except when it comes to formal wear. Last year, I got the opportunity to play the part of the butler in a local production The Nutcracker. When there was a mix-up in the costume for me at the dress rehearsal and the costume wasn’t fitting me, so it was easy enough to run home and pick up a set of tails.

IMG_20151212_130715882 (1)

But that’s neither here nor there.

For one party, I though it would be cool to have an Adobe branded cummerbund and tie. I had ready access to the PostScript logo artwork and was able to knock together a PostScript program that rendered it as if it were a fabric pattern.


I wanted to be able to silkscreen that onto some, well, silk, but I wanted to remove as much friction from the process as possible. I talked to Jeff Sherwood, who worked on printers that printer to film at very high resolutions and got him to inject my job into one of his test runs so I could get a nice high resolution print of the logo, ready for making a silk screen. I found out from Andy Shore, a long time Adobe employee that Adobe green was pantone 321. Then I contacted a single person t-shirt printing shop and offered the owner the job. She wasn’t sure that she could do it, but was willing to try if I would help. Together, we printer 3 yards of PostScript fabric that I then turned over to a friend of mine who was willing to make a cummerbund and tie in exchange for homemade jams and jellies.


I was quite happy to wear this to the party and show it off to John Warnock and Chuck Geschke, who were both similarly happy to see it.

20160616_193422Details matter to me and I’m very glad that I was able to put time and effort into this project and that so many people were able to help me with it.

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