Finding Peace Amidst The Crazy

There’s a lot going on in the United States that is absolutely bonkers right now. Not a lot of it makes a great deal of sense and it can be consuming to keep up.

Today, I had a bit of time in front of me and decided that it would be a good time to clean and polish my trumpet. I took it apart as far as necessary, took out the brushes and snake and bot the accumulated gunk out. Next was a thorough going-over with silver polish to get rid of the accumulated tarnish.

This whole process is a ritual. I’ve played trumpet for 42 years and after being in it for a few, I established a pattern that I use: lay down some towels, pull the valves, take off the valve caps, take apart the valves. One taken apart, I brush out the slides, brush the valves, brush out the lead pipe then the bell. After rinsing, for a silver horn, I take out the silver polish and work it over.

In the process today, I found that as I was going through the familiar process that even though I don’t particularly¬†enjoy the process I did find it very peaceful and meditative. It was nice to have a window of calm and relaxation.

And that is the power of ritual or meditation or mindfulness or whatever you want to call it. Find a process, focus on the task, go through it, enjoy the calm.