Hey, Good Samaritan, You’re Awesome!

I went out for a training run today, but I had gotten caught up in work things and ended up going out around noon instead of 10:00AM. This was a problem as it was 15 degrees hotter when I went out instead of when I intended to go out and I hadn’t drunk enough water. I had done my first 2 2/3 miles and had turned around to head back taking a walk break. I was already tired and my mouth was dry. A biker who had passed me a few minutes ago was stopped up ahead and offered me a bottle of water. I must have looked that bad. I took a hearty swig and said thank you, returning the bottle. He said, “no, go ahead and keep it.” I said that I was picking up to a run again soon and that I couldn’t carry it. He asked me where I was headed and we agreed on a spot towards the end where I could pick it up.


And yes, there was ice in it too.

Thank you anonymous, thoughtful Samaritan!

It’s just 20 days until the 2105 Falmouth Road Race. Hopefully it won’t be this hot on race day.

Remember┬áto donate to the MDSC who I’m representing, if you haven’t!

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