It Was Worth a Try

Early on in working on fundraising for the MDSC for the Falmouth Road Race, I had a hare-brained idea: I would contact people in the public eye and see what happened. Nothing ventured, nothing lost. I sent a letter to Michelle Obama as well as my state and local representatives and for grins, Al Franken. Today I got my first response from the White House:

IMG_20140714_200416476It is, of course, a rejection form letter. I find it entertaining that there is apparently a stock form letter for “asking Michelle Obama for fund raising money”. I find it disappointing that the handler of this particular letter thought that the government grants web site would be an appropriate place to search for aid, especially since it fails badly on timeliness aspect. This, in particular, says “we barely read your letter, but were able to roughly sort it.” On the other hand, I appreciate the quality of the paper (watermarked) and that they ran it through the autopen robotic signature machine. On a purely aesthetic level, they could have chosen a much better font and used the proper “ffi” ligature for “Office” and “fi”  for “fulfill”.

In other news, I’ve reached my personal fundraising goal, which is fantastic – thank you for all your help.  If you’ve donated, you can rest assured that you were more help than the White House.  Of course, I would like to go above and beyond, but that’s in your hands. About a month to go.

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