Why Am I Training to Run the Falmouth Road Race? No Brain, No Pain.

I was thinking about this a lot during today’s run.  I could just raise funds and not do the race, right? No – this goes against my lawful good nature (this has always been a thing with me: I think chaotic good but act lawful good). The benefits go across the board: from the training, I will be in better physical condition which is better for my health and as a consequence, better for my family. In the race, I will be wearing a singlet for the organization, which will serve the MDSC for promotion, as will any photos they take.


I think about these things through the training runs. It’s hard to get old. When I was in my early 20’s, I did a 10K at about an 8 minute per mile pace. The intervening quarter century hasn’t been kind, so I have to scale back my effort a lot, but this has some interesting side-effects in the training. This first time I did this race in 2012, I started training late and had to set a goal of doing the race in intervals – 3/4 running, 1/4 walking. I had a successful training run at that distance and started getting very painful stabbing pain in my hip which I couldn’t cut with OTC pain killers. It was eventually diagnosed as Femoral Acetabular Impingement and I’m hoping that the steps I’m taking to mitigate it are enough.

This year, I had a better time going as I had been using an elliptical trainer through the winter so my goal is run straight through at about a 14 minute per mile pace. Looking back two years, here was my training report at this of year:

Last week’s runs: M 4 (4x .75r .25w), W 4 (4x .75r .25w), F 4.5 (4x .75r .25 w; .25r .25w). Hard week as I came down with something nasty that’s swollen up the right side of my head and is apparently not bacterial as the antibiotics haven’t touched it (yet).

Interestingly enough, today I did 6 miles total (6 x .75r .25w), the running portion alone was the same as long Friday run two years ago – great news. The down side to this is that at my pace, training runs take a long time. The 6 miles took me 100 minutes, average at 16 minutes per mile, so I’m right on target.

For fundraising, I’m a little more than halfway there. If you’ve donated already, you’re awesome! If you haven’t donated yet, you’re awesome and you just don’t know it. Please consider a donation.

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