The School Dance

Oh, this is just the kind of event that Alice loves: lots of people, lots of music, lots of noise.


She dressed up, E did her hair, and the whole family went to the dance. Alice’s friends were excited to see her. E brought some gluten free pizza to the cafeteria and some of Alice’s friends saw E and asked, “where’s Alice?” “Up in the gym” and they vanished heading for the stairs.

Not everything was perfect. Alice saw some of the kids dropping to the floor and spinning their legs so she wanted to do that. Unfortunately, this creates a problem when you’re wearing a dress. E gave Alice a talk about it. She did it again. I brought her out for a time out and a warning that the next time out would be longer and on the third time we would spend the rest of the dance in the car. She did it again. I brought her outside for the longer time out. This sunk in.

The rest of the dance was wonderful. Lots of smiles, lots of giggles, lots of running around.

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